Targeted Essential Oil Blends

Our proprietary essential oil blends are customized for targeted relief of stress and strain on the body. The carrier and essential oils for our targeted lotions are designed with these specific areas in mind, maximizing the potential for targeted nourishment, support and relief from discomfort. Our blends are based on each oil's ability to address and cater to specific bodily needs, and then strengthen its capabilities synergistically with the other oils in that blend. The research and results of these very oils go back thousands of years and are still proven true in today's studies. Long ago, essential oils were the world's pharmacy before they were replaced by primarily synthetic alternatives, "drugs". Unfortunately for us now, the FDA does not allow purveyors of these oils to list their full benefits. Some of these oils have properties and characteristics that may be defined by terms like: "anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal", "stimulates cell regeneration" and "fights free radicals", which overlap into the FDA's definition of "treatment" for an illness and/or symptom of an illness. Advertising them as such would then by definition, classify them as a "drug", so we encourage you to do your own research. You may be surprised to find out how beneficial and effective these ingredients really are. Know the ingredients you use, not only because topically applied products can penetrate through the layers of your skin, but because 60% - 70% of those ingredients have the potential to be absorbed into your blood stream.

Skin Renew Blend: An all around routine in one bottle. This blend is specially formulated to provide skin renewing vitamins and naturally cleanse and replenish moisture to combat temporary redness and discomfort of the epidermis. Essentials oils like carrot seed, helichrysum itallicum, frankincense and roman chamomile have renowned nutritive properties and are skin purifying, balancing and toning, encouraging the appearance of a brighter, smoother complexion.

Muscle Blend: With the herbaceous and warming scents of lavender, thyme, ginger and lemon, this muscle blend offers a mood-elevating, yet calming sensation that warms and relaxes the muscles. You don't have to pull a muscle or push too hard at the gym in order to enjoy the benefits of this product. You may not always FEEL just how the daily grind and environmental stressors can effect your every day movements. Stay on top of your wellness routine by giving your muscles some attention. In addition to muscle ache relief, our highly nutritious carriers like hemp seed oil and shea butter offer locked in hydration and enrich the skin with a moisturizing barrier.

Joint Blend: The 9 essential oils in this blend help combat the three major contributors to joint related discomfort. It includes important impurity extractors like organic lemon and juniper berry that help cleanse joint tissue; oils with analgesic properties to assist with pain like manuka and black pepper, and oils to help stiffness and support mobility like rosemary, sweet marjoram and lavender. It also helps calm the mind and soften skin with vetiver and roman chamomile. Primary oils, evening primrose and St. John's Wort, offer vitamins, omega fatty acids and minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium to helps ease soreness in muscles and joints.

Deep tissue: The essential oils in this blend like thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus and pine are just some of the few that are capable of penetrating deep down through muscles and tissue to provide therapeutic relief. Assisted by carrier oils like sweet almond oil and St. John's Wort, this targeted essential oil blend can go to work on deep tissue while the linoleic and oleic fatty acids of the carrier oils keep your skin moisturized and feeling healthy.