Our Mission

MISSION: To integrate CBD and the healing power of plants, into everyone's personal care regimen, and reshape the thinking that advocates the unnecessary use of synthetic, chemical and drug related ingredients.  

PHILOSOPHY: "Do what you can where you can".

We are committed to "be the change you want to see in the world" as Gandhi was so famously summarized. We want to be the change for many passions, but don't want to diminish small strides or good efforts, for not being perfect. Humans, science, life, technology, nothing is or will ever be perfect, but we can always strive to be better. Be better to ourselves and our bodies. Be better with our ability to be open to health alternatives and new approaches. Be better for the planet which so graciously hosts our lives.

"Do what you can where you can " is just that, a simple, important effort towards bettering anything that is a benefit to life. It's the small every day conscious improvements we make towards our well being and life around us that add up to measurable change. We believe all around wellness efforts, start with human efforts and if good for one, should be good for all.

COMMITMENT: We pledge to offer the best ingredients in the best products. We pride our products on being clean, free from chemicals, drugs and harmful synthetics. Plant based, vegan friendly and always cruelty free, we look for every opportunity to achieve excellence in our offerings, our practices and the path we travel in the business world around us. Only our essential oils are sourced globally to keep their authenticity close to their country of origin. All other ingredients including our CBD isolate and full spectrum oil are made in the USA. Our CBD Isolate and full spectrum oil are third party lab tested for quality and purity. Where we can, we choose organic, we choose NON-GMO and we choose fair trade. We are committed to better ingredients, better products and better health for everyone.