Body Scrub Benefits

Body scrubs do much more than ordinary cleansers and bars of soap and are a must-have for many healthy skin care regimens. The skin cells on your body shed regularly to reveal new, healthier skin, and body scrubs assist in cleansing and exfoliating naturally. Body scrubs bring many additional benefits to your skin including deep nutrient infusion, and hydration through the oils and vitamins they possess. When we add the additional power of CBD infused botanicals like coconut oil, sunflower oil and shea butter, we create a more powerful addition to a natural beauty routine. 

Our body scrubs can do wonders for a wide range of skin types and skin conditions. Man, woman, young or old, the skin on your body can be healthier and more beautiful when you give it the attention and care it deserves. The skin on your body can dry out and become damaged without proper care. Flaky skin around elbows, knees and other spots on our body where the skin is prone to dryness, can be rejuvenated by our plant based oils rich in omega and fatty acids. For deeper moisturizing effects on the skin, we suggest leaving the scrub on for a few extra minutes. After thoroughly rinsing, lock in moisture with one of our Body Silks or a hydrating Petal and Plant lotion.